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How to Choose a Product for Your Aluminum Tread

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How to Choose a Product for Your Aluminum Tread

July 20, 2012

A SlipNOT® aluminum tread can be made of plate, grating, expanded metal or perforated plate. To determine which product is most suitable for your project, see below:

  1. Determine if you have excess liquids that need to drain?
    • If you answered yes to this question you should consider expanded metal, perforated metal or grating.
      • Grating will allow for the most drainage and will hold the most weight.
      • Expanded metal is most commonly used to retrofit over unsafe grating.
      • Perforated plate is available in different hole sizes and patterns to meet the project requirements.
  2. Find out if you need a solid even surface?
    • If you answered yes to this question plate would be the best solution for your aluminum tread.
    • SlipNOT® plate provides an even high traction surface for an aluminum tread.
  3. Decide if there will be high heel or wheel chair traffic?
    • If you answered yes to this there are two options for your application, plate or grating. SlipNOT®
      offers ADA compliant grating with close spacing for these types of applications.
  4. Determine if you should retrofit over the existing stairs or build new?
    • Most commonly; perforated plate, expanded metal and plate are used to retrofit over unsafe surfaces. However, grating has also been used for this purpose in the past.
    • For new construction, all of the substrates are available, however, most commonly we see plate and grating used for these applications due to the high strength to weight ratio.