How to Start a Facility Notebook

A facility notebook is a valuable tool that can utilized in the workplace to increase productivity, safety and company organization. A facility notebook allows management in facilities to record and manage daily activities within the facility. Facility notebooks can include documentation about building and equipment inspections, repairs, inventory, workload and costs. By keeping a facility notebook, management has easy access to information regarding a variety of aspects within the facility. This allows employers to have a quick response time to issues creating a more efficient running facility.

The following are general guidelines for how to create and maintain a facility notebook:

  1. Clearly label and define a notebook that will be used to record facility information.
    • Employers need to create a designated notebook that will be kept at the same location within the facility.
    • By keeping the facility notebook at a designated location in the facility, it ensures the facility notebook will be utilized and that individuals will have quick access to information in the facility notebook.
  2. Ensure employees understand the purpose of the facility notebook and utilize it properly.
    • Employers need to discuss the goals of the notebook with employees.
    • The expectations for how the notebook will be used need to be clear to employees to ensure goals for the facility notebook are being met. Some of these expectations may be how often employees need to write in the notebook, what information is expected to be placed in the notebook and how often individuals are expected to review the notebook.
  3. Record information in the facility notebook.
    • Employees need to log information within the facility notebook based on the needs of the company at the designated times specified.
    • Examples of information that can be recorded in the facility notebook include: inspection information, fire and building inspection, inventory, maintenance and repair needed and scheduling information.
  4. Review and analyze recordings monthly from the facility notebook.
    • Employers and employees should review the facility notebook monthly to evaluate facility activities.
    • By reviewing the facility notebook monthly, employees ensure that any safety concerns, inspections, repairs and inventory needs are being met.
    • Reviewing the facility notebook on a regular basis also creates open communication between management and the facility that allows any issues to be addressed in a quick and efficient way.
  5. Implement any necessary changes needed.
    • By utilizing a facility notebook, it allows employers to be more aware of what happens daily at facilities.
    • Employers can utilize findings in the facility notebook to implement changes needed in the facility to create a safer, efficient, and productive facility.

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