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NSC Slip Trips and Falls

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NSC Slip Trips and Falls

June 16, 2014

Last week the NSC focused on preventing slips, trips and falls as part of their National Safety Month.  While safety is important everyday, the month of June has been set apart by the NSC as a special time to focus on specific safety tips and education.  The NSC put out these simple instructions on how to prevent a slip and fall accident.

Daily Tips to Share

1: When getting out of a vehicle, create points of contact by holding onto the door, roof or assist handle.
2: Reduce the risk of falls in your home by adding handrails, maintaining good housekeeping and cleaning spills right when they happen.
3: Strong core muscles are a key component to good balance. Try doing yoga or Pilates to help improve stability and lower your risk of falling.
4: If you need to use a ladder, read the instructions carefully and maintain 3 points contact with it at all times.
5: Keep floor surfaces clean, and make sure wet-floor warning signs are posted in and around wet floor areas.

These are great everyday suggestions on keeping yourself and your employees safe.  Long term slip and fall prevention includes utilizing sustainable slip resistant flooring.  SlipNOT® Metal Safety Flooring provides products that can be used in almost every industry.  The products withstand harsh weather and conditions.  Talk to a floor safety specialist today at 800-754-7668.

To learn more about National Safety Month visit NSC’s website: