2017 Safety Stand Down

It is time once again for the annual “National Stand Down for Safety to Prevent Falls in Construction” event running May 8-12.  This is the fourth year in a row that OSHA, NIOSH, the CPWR (The Center for Construction Research), among other organizations, have combined their efforts in order to bring fall safety to the front line for thousands of employers and millions of employees.  The event encourages management to physically take time out with their employees in order to focus on fall prevention and job site safety.

OSHA offers free resources to help employers make this a meaningful and educational experience for everyone involved.  Their National Safety Stand Down website offers  free services and resources offered in both English and Spanish for employers to take advantage of.  Resources such as Safety Stand Down posters, articles, videos, training materials, fact sheets, and booklets are all available.  The website features an “Events” tab which breaks down live training events split up by region within the United States.  Place, time, contact information, and descriptions of each session are also listed here for convenience.   Once workers complete the week of Safety Stand down experiences, employers can print a Certificate of Completion from the OSHA website as well as share their Stand Down experiences online with others who are working through fall safety in their own way.

The organization suggests that the best way to hold a Safety Stand Down meeting is by taking a break to have a toolbox talk with employees or by having them participate in other on-site activities such as safety equipment inspections, discussing specific job hazards, or brainstorming and developing rescue plans together.   The National Safety Stand Down website even offers a suggested list in order to prepare for a successful stand down.  With this many free and helpful resources, it is a great event for companies to really take stock in and implement for the good of the company and the health of their staff.  Take a look and see what you can do to participate!


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