Water Systems Safety Prevention with Proper Access Hatch Installation

Workplace accidents are costly, and water system operators experience some of the highest workplace injury rates in the nation.  Water system workers operate complex machinery in a variety of environments, when accidents occur it is not only to the detriment of the individual, but it can leave a job delayed or incomplete.

The most important practice for workers of any profession is to perform tasks with care and familiarity of OSHA’s regulations relevant to your daily duties.  In water and wastewater applications the presence of exposed pits and trenches, construction sites, electrical and mechanical equipment, enclosed spaces and hazardous materials, create a dangerous environment which demands attention to detail and adherence to the guidelines and regulations established by the employer and OSHA.

Access hatches allow operators to perform visual inspections on water storage tanks, measure water quality or handle emergency situations.   Non slip aluminum plate is a durable, lightweight safety solution for access hatch doors, work platforms, drainage grating and more.  Work in or around reservoirs needs to be performed observing the confined space entry procedures including never entering a reservoir alone.  The work environment surrounding storage tanks and reservoirs can be a fertile environment for slippery conditions.  Take appropriate safety measures using hand and safety rails, climbing ladders, and observing proper lockout-tagout procedures.  Applying slip resistance to surfaces in these areas will also enhance user safety and decrease the number of accidents.

The high rate of workplace injuries for water systems operators includes falls, electrocution, chemical burns, eye and limb injuries, inhalation of dust, toxic gas or vapors, and lifting injuries.  Each of these can be avoided if you approach your job with the care and respect necessary to complete your tasks and return home safely at the end of the day.

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