Human Engagement Prevents Accidents

Is one person always at fault when an accident happens in the work place? A study that will be conducted by Jan Watcher, Ph.D., a professor of safety sciences at Indiana University of Pennsylvania says “No”.  She is out to prove that human error and accident prevention in the workplace can be managed through a variety of mechanisms, and two of those mechanisms may be worker motivation and worker engagement.

She believes that accident prevention can be as simple as an employee meeting at the start of the day reminding each worker what personal prevention equipment (PPE) they may need in order to prevent accidents.  This could reduce accidents such as a worker forgetting his safety goggles and getting a shard of metal in his/her eye.  Workers can also actively engage in looking out for safety risks such as trip hazards or slippery areas where a fellow co-worker could slip and fall.

Avoiding slip and falls should be a shared responsibility between workers and the company it’s self.  Non-slip flooring products such as SLIPNOT floor plate will also greatly reduce slippery areas as it remains slip resistant even when submerged in oils and other lubricants.

Effective communication, worker engagement and the correct safety products can help prevent accidents in the workplace.

Walter, Laura, “The Key to Managing Human Error at Work: May 27, 2001.  September 28, 2007 <>


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