ADA Compliance, No Problem with Aluminum Plank

Aluminum plank has many characteristics that will allow easy adaptation into any environment. It is offered in an unpunched pattern, allowing 100% foot to surface contact, or a punched pattern allowing for the passage of air, light, heat and moisture. Aluminum plank is also available with diagonally punched holes that not only allow the passage of air, light, heat and moisture, but also comply with ADA requirements for wheelchairs and foot traffic.

Although aluminum diagonally punched plank complies with all ADA recommendations for safety, there is an additional step that can be taken to guarantee safety and ADA compliance in any environment. SLIPNOT®, an all-metal slip resistant coating that is mechanically bonded to any form of aluminum plank, exceeds all recommendations and standards for slip resistance and ADA compliance because of the complete surface coverage and file hardness of the non slip surface.

Aluminum plank can transform any non-compliant pedestrian ramp, walkway, entrance way or bridge into a safe, ADA compliant and durable walking environment, especially if coated with the unmatched SLIPNOT® surface.

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