ADA Compliant Sidewalk Ramps Increase Pedestrian Safety

A recent Ann news article listed 20 upcoming road projects that are being considered for 2012. At least 6 of these projects include ADA compliant sidewalk ramps.  There have been many discussions about new transitions that are appearing in downtown areas to distinguish the end of a sidewalk as it connects to the road.  Many of these transitions are brightly colored and often textured to alert walkers and cyclists as they approach the road.

Sidewalk ramps are often located at the curb cut on each end of the sidewalk and on both corners where a sidewalk comes to a four-way intersection.  The need for this safety design has not only been identified by many downtown area associations and municipalities, but many are making annual allowances in their budgets to continue to meet all codes and specifications.  Pedestrian safety can also be achieved by ensuring that trench drains, manhole covers, vault covers, and other utilities found in downtown areas are installed properly, maintained routinely, and meet all ADA guidelines and city ordinances.

When upgrading sidewalk surfaces to meet ADA compliance, you may want to add slip resistance to the surface.  This will provide pedestrians a sure-footed step navigating to and from their daily destinations.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal non-slip coating which is offered in different grades of slip resistance and has been used on a variety of sidewalk applications such as vault covers, curb plates, drainage grates, and other applications for cities and DOTs across North America.  SLIPNOT far exceeds the ADA mandated value of 0.60 coefficient of friction (COF) for level surfaces and 0.80 coefficient of friction for ramps. For more information please contact SLIPNOTÒ at 800-754-7668.


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