Advantages of Perforated Metals on Stair Treads

Open Riser and Closed Stair Tread vs. Closed Riser and Open Stair Tread

There are two distinct styles that have become popular for stair treads made of perforated metals, both for safety and aesthetic purposes.  Here we will discuss the benefits of each to help you determine if either style could be beneficial to your application.

Open Riser / Closed Tread:

A solid plate stair tread offers a solid, sure footed surface.  An open air riser, or kick plate, made of perforated metals allows for airflow and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.  The combination of solid plate tread with a riser made of perforated metals is perfect for architectural applications.  The High Line Park in New York City, is an outdoor attraction and recreational area that paired the solid surface of plate stair treads and the attractive appearance of perforated metals.

Benefits to a solid tread and perforated riser:

  • Solid walking surface
  • Attractive appearance

Closed Riser / Open Tread:

Stair treads made of perforated metals allow liquids and other slippery substances to drain through instead of collecting on steps.  A solid riser, or kick plate, is often required to meet building codes for applications such as high school staircases.

Benefits to a perforated tread and a solid riser:

  • Drainage on the walking surface
  • Code compliance

Regardless of the type of stair tread you chose for your application, make the stair tread safe by having it coated with a metal non slip surface.  SLIPNOT® non-slip stair treads keep pedestrians and workers safe and are available in solid or perforated surfaces.

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