Aluminum Floor Plate

According to an article entitled “Trends in Hard-Floor Care” by Glen Franklin, “manufacturers of floor coverings have developed products that are designed to provide facilities with slip-resistance features. Some products are specifically designed for traction and safety and are manufactured with a textured surface layer that might include chips of a mild abrasive material, such as aluminum oxide.” Non slip aluminum floor plate is an option that many facilities use to provide a slip resistant surface to help keep their employees safe.

Aluminum floor plate is used in lightweight applications where slip resistance and durability are key components for worker safety. OSHA requires that slip resistant floor plate provide a coefficient of friction of 0.50; aluminum floor plate provides a coefficient of friction of 0.98, thus almost doubling the standard requirement. Aluminum flooring can be used in facilities with high pedestrian traffic, such as schools and universities, as well as industrial applications such as naval bases.

When utilizing aluminum floor plate in applications such as stairways, nosings, metal walkways and slip resistant platforms; companies should use slip resistant aluminum flooring  to ensure employees and/or the public the safety and security needed. In lightweight, yet slippery environments non-slip aluminum flooring will remain safe for many years to come.

Franklin, Glen. “Trends in Hard-Floor Care.”

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