Non Slip Aluminum Gratings for Mezzanines

In an article entitled “Use a Scientific Approach to Prevent Slips and Falls” by Kenneth Fisher, OSHA states that “Slip resistance can vary from surface to surface or even on the same surface, depending upon surface conditions and employee footwear.  Slip resistant flooring material (or treatments) such as textured, serrated, or punched surfaces and steel grating may offer additional slip resistance.”  Slip resistant flooring should be installed in areas that are slippery due to wet and oily conditions.

One example of the type of surface OSHA references is aluminum gratings, which can be incorporated into applications such as docks, walkways, catwalks, mezzanines, platforms, among others, for industries like water treatment plants. Non slip aluminum grating is different than the standard serrated grating options because it doesn’t rust or chip. Aluminum is a soft material, so unlike steel, it will not offer the same heavy duty support, but is an ideal solution for lighter applications.

American Warehouse Systems in Minneapolis, MN discusses in further detail the options and advantages for using aluminum gratings for mezzanines.

  • Decking Options for Aluminum Mezzanine Floors:
    • Aluminum Gratings
    • Fiberglass Bar Grating
  • Benefits of an Aluminum Gratings Mezzanine Floor:
    • Aluminum gratings are resistant to rust, even when completely absorbed in water.
    • Aluminum grating is very light so smaller work platforms (and mezzanines) are typically made from aluminum.

Though fiberglass is presented as an option, neither fiberglass grating nor diamond plate provide the same slip resistant assurance as non slip aluminum gratings.  To ensure a safe walking environment for all employees in organizations such as water treatment plants, anti slip aluminum grating should be used for applications including platforms and mezzanines.

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Fisher, Kenneth. “Use a Scientific Approach to Prevent Slips and Falls.”

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