Aluminum Planking Bleachers

There are many benefits of having bleachers and grandstands made out of slip resistant aluminum planking.  SLIPNOT non-slip aluminum planking will cut down on slip and fall accidents, even in the harshest conditions.  The long lasting surface will not flake off or peel off like some other slip resistant products.  When looking to keep fans on their feet, you can count on SLIPNOT slip resistant aluminum planking.

Outdoor bleachers and grandstands pose a major risk to the safety of people of all ages.  Since 1980, there have been at least 10 bleacher associated deaths.  In 1998, an estimated 19,200 bleacher-related injuries to people of all ages were treated in emergency rooms.  If the rate was that high in 1998, I can only imagine how high it could be now 13 years later.  From high school sports to pro games of all kinds, many people are exposed to these risks each time they attend an event.

Since most athletic events aren’t played in ideal conditions, having a grandstand made out of slip resistant aluminum planking will ensure the safety of anyone attending events.  SLIPNOT slip resistant aluminum planking retains its slip resistance even when completely covered in snow or water.  Aluminum naturally and almost instantly forms an oxide which protects itself from corrosion.  This process makes aluminum planking the best choice for outdoor events exposed to all types of weather conditions.

SLIPNOT aluminum planking is lightweight, yet durable and has an unmatched surface hardness.  The I beams that run the length of the planking give SLIPNOT aluminum planking an excellent strength to weight ratio.  This ratio, as well as the non-slip surface, makes SLIPNOT slip resistant aluminum planking a must when constructing new grandstands and bleachers or fixing up existing ones.

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