Aluminum Planking Improves Damaged Walkways

Sandwich, MA is one of the oldest towns in Cape Cod.  It was settled by the Quakers in the 1600s and offers residents and visitors beautiful architecture, views of oceans and historical sights.  Town Neck Beach is located in Sandwich off of the Cape Cod Bay.  The beach provides visitors with walkways and views of the bay.

According to the article, “Erosion Takes Toll at Town Neck Beach,” by George Brennan, in recent years, Town Neck Beach has had corrosion issues and been heavily damaged.  Dangerous storms have caused the beach to erode and have severely damaged walkways to access the beach area.  Town Neck Beach has been damaged so badly that signs were installed that warn visitors that the area is deemed unsafe and dangerous.  The walkways eventually were shut down to avoid any accidents.  Visitors were also told to avoid the beach below the walkways which over 10 feet has been washed away from the storms.

A replacement material for the walkways that can help provide Town Neck Beach with a long lasting solution is slip resistant aluminum planking.  Slip resistant aluminum planking is an ideal choice for an application such as Town Neck Beach because it provides visitors with a solution that will not become slippery and dangerous in weather elements such as storms and snow.  Aluminum planking is also corrosion resistant.  Plank would be able to withstand installation outdoors and remain slip resistant and intact even when submerged in water, mud and other elements.

A product such as slip resistant aluminum planking can help provide the Town Neck Beach walkways with a long term solution that provides safety to visitors in harsh weather and will remain corrosion resistant to allow visitors to enjoy the beach for years to come.

Brennan, George. “Erosion Takes Toll at Town Neck Beach.” <>

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