Aluminum Planking Replaces Aluminum Grating as a Durable Solution

For certain applications, aluminum planking has proven to be the more durable than aluminum grating.  Saint Gobain contacted SLIPNOT because aluminum grating was being used over an area that had to be accessed frequently.  When the workers took the aluminum piece off to access underneath they would toss it to the side.  Eventually the tossing caused the aluminum grating to become deformed and unusable.

Saint Gobain chose to replace the grating with SLIPNOT aluminum planking.  Aluminum planking is more forgiving to wear and tear and was found to be the better solution for this particular application.  While aluminum grating has benefits aluminum planking does not, planking seems to retain its shape better during rough handling.  Aluminum is a softer metal in nature, making wear or tear from harsh environments possible.

SLIPNOT can coat aluminum materials with a slip resistant stainless steel or steel surface to combine the benefits of aluminum with a file hard non-slip surface as well.  SLIPNOT can also coat aluminum planking with steel or stainless steel.  The file hard surface of steel or stainless steel will prolong the life of aluminum materials, such as aluminum grating or planking.

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