SLIPNOT Aluminum Plates Utilized in Major North American Postal Operations

SLIPNOT 3/8“ aluminum plates are utilized on mail loading docks in major North American Postal Operations.  These loading docks are equipped with SLIPNOT non slip plates to keep workers safe while on the job.  The platform is attached by a hinge that allows the ramp to be lowered to the desired height.  The mail truck is then backed into place and the ramp is lowered.  Mail is then transferred from the truck into the facility, or vice versa.

SLIPNOT aluminum substrate and surface provides lightweight properties and corrosion resistance.  Non slip ramps are also used throughout facilities to keep pedestrians and workers on their feet while traveling up or down an incline.  The SLIPNOT high traction surface is applied to scissor lifts, dock levelers, stairs and platforms.  Dock levelers and scissor lifts are hydraulic aerial lifts that could be dangerous if slippery.  SLIPNOT galvanized steel and stainless steel is used for outdoor applications due to its weather resistant properties.  The safety products help give workers a piece of mind and ability to get the job done effectively, without the worry of an accident.  SLIPNOT flooring products can withstand the high volume of mail and heavy traffic in a postal operation environment.

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