Anti Slip Protection in Food Processing Facilities

Cintas Corporation held a webinar where they presented a list of best practices for reducing slip and fall accidents.  The webinar mainly focused on foodservice operators since they are preparing for the updated American National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards.  According to CNA, “foodservice operators need to make sure they have the right program in place to protect their employees and reduce their exposure to potential liability claims”.

Slip and fall accidents account for more than 21 percent of Worker’s Compensation Claims and 59 percent of general liability claim costs; which is why anti slip protection should be improved upon.  In preparing for the new standards, food processing plants should consider the following.

  • Select the best anti slip protection for your area such as high traction surfaces where water, grease and debris may gather.
  • Utilize proper cleaning tools and solution for your flooring type.
  • Establish a floor maintenance and cleaning schedule that shows proper procedures when using chemicals and equipment.
  • Train staff on proper cleaning and hold them accountable.

Until the ANSI standards go into effect, food processing plants should prepare their floors with anti slip protection.  When looking into different flooring types, you may consider SLIPNOT’s all metal anti slip protection.  Its durability, full surface coverage and longevity make it a trustworthy product.

Rmgt – Restaurant Management.  Cintas Gives Tips to Prevent Slips and Falls.

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