ASSE Launches New Institute on Risk Assessment

Just last week the ASSE announced the launch of the new ASSE Risk Assessment Institute.  An article on states that the ASSE is hoping to encourage EHS professionals and businesses to take a more proactive approach to safety and to align EHS risk assessment into organizations risk processes.  The article states that the Risk Assessment Institute will:

1.)    Support training and education on issues relating to proper risk assessment within management for EHS professionals

2.)    Provide a place for professionals to communicate, contribute and help develop new evidence-based risk related processes, policies and solutions.

3.)    Educate company executives on the importance of risk management and on the roles and responsibility of EHS professionals.

4.)    Act as a resource for EHS professionals to obtain important risk-related information and management tools.

This resource should prove to be highly valuable in helping companies prevent injuries and fatalities instead of reacting after they happen.  SLIPNOT products are a valuable tool in preventing slip and fall accidents within industries ranging from food processing to marine environments.  SLIPNOT’s website is also a valuable tool for information on safety requirements and recommendations as well as a resource of how and where metal safety products can be used.

Smith, Sandy. “Safety 2013: ASSE Launces Risk Assessment Institute.” June 26, 2013. July 1, 2013. <>

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