Construction Workers Face High Occupational Injury Rates

Occupational injuries happen in every profession; however the numbers are worrisome for construction workers.   According to an article on EHS Today, The Center for Construction Research and Training estimates that a construction worker who spends 45 years in the profession has a 75% chance of experiencing a disabling injured.  They also face a 1 in 200 chance of being fatally injured on the job.

The article doesn’t go into detail of what the major causes or most common injuries are, but it does mention that dust may be a factor as workers who start at the age of 20 have an 11% chance of developing dust-related changes in their chest X-rays.

Worker safety and job site safety should be at the top of the list as well as being able to get a job done efficiently and effectively.  The public depends on high quality work from construction companies and their workers.  Making sure workers have proper safety devices and that work platforms are safe and not slippery are important factors in helping to reduce occupational injuries.  SLIPNOT slip resistant products can be quickly and easily installed into slippery work conditions to help prevent any slip and fall accidents.

Walter, Laura. “Career Construction Workers Face Increased Injury, Fatality Odds.” November 7, 2011.  November 17, 2011. <>

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