Non Slip: Diamond Floor Plate vs. Smooth Floor Plate

There are many alternatives to diamond floor plates that offer just as much, if not more slip resistance. Slip resistant treatments and options range from quick fixes to more industrial permanent solutions.  Quick fixes are typically taped-on products to painted-on products that need to be replaced after a certain amount of wear.  In contrast, solutions that are more permanent range from diamond floor plate to smooth metal plates that are coated with an all-metal slip resistant surface.

Most companies are looking for a permanent solution to slippery areas.  One option is diamond floor plate.  Diamond floor plate has a unique raised pattern on the one side of the plate that may be consider aesthetically pleasing.  Bare diamond floor plate adds a small amount of traction where the raised diamond patter is present.  Another option, smooth metal plates coated with an all-metal slip resistant surface, have 100% slip resistant surface coverage and complete slip resistance in all areas.

Diamond floor plate may be readily available nationwide through many service centers, whereas slip resistant metal plates may only be available for purchase in limited locations.  However, current technology allows smooth metal plate with slip resistant coating to be easily ordered and shipped to the requested location.  Diamond plate may also have a lower INITIAL cost; but the life of the plate is what really determines cost effectiveness.  Initial cost is irrelevant if a product does not live up to expectations.  For example, if the diamond floor plate needs constant maintenance or needs to be replaced often due to uneven wear, it is not cost efficient.  In my opinion, the higher initial cost of smooth plate coated with a slip resistant surface that provides decades of use with little or no maintenance is more cost efficient.

So when it comes down to it, is a diamond floor plate pattern more of an aesthetically pleasing slip resistant solution or a quick fix?

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