Diamond Plate Aluminum Vault Covers and Creating Safe Surfaces

For environments where rain and snow are prevalent, aluminum vault covers are ideal. Naturally corrosion resistant, aluminum is a lightweight material that is fairly maintenance free.  Vault covers can be crafted from different materials such as smooth plate or diamond plate constructed from steel, stainless steel aluminum and other metals or concrete.  Aluminum materials also provide the lightest weight option for vault covers that are accessed frequently by employees.

These vault covers are used by utility companies and city and state DOT’s to protect electrical systems from water, snow and other materials that can damage these sensitive structures.  Diamond plate aluminum vault covers offer traction for surfaces that pedestrians come into contact with on a daily basis.  Bare diamond plate by itself will not stop all slip and fall accidents; applying a slip resistant surface to the diamond plate will help increase the safety and longevity of the vault covers.  Diamond plate with the non-slip surface may wear thin in spots due to the raised diamond pattern having more contact with shoes more frequently then the lowered portions.

Slip resistance added to these diamond plate aluminum vault covers will help to increase security among employees who access underground vaults in wet or snowy conditions.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures a slip resistant surface that has been applied to vault covers used by utility companies and DOT’s to protect employees and pedestrians who come into contact with these surfaces.  Typically applied to smooth plate, the molten metal slip resistant surface bonds to the plates, creating a 100% slip resistant surface in all directions that can withstand rain, wind and snow.  The SLIPNOT surface may also be applied to aluminum diamond plate vault covers to help increase traction and extend the life of these otherwise slippery vault covers.


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