Preventative Measures to Avoid Slip and Falls

According to “Preventing Driver Slips and Falls” from the National Associate of Whole-Sales Distributors, slip and fall accidents are one of the major causes of injuries to commercial drivers.  The Hartford, an insurance company, recently conducted an analysis of commercial driver job functions and found there are three functions that expose drivers to slip and fall accidents; operating a commercial vehicle, handling freight and walking and climbing around the truck or loading area.

While operating a vehicle, slip and fall accidents typically happen in the following ways:  when drivers enter and exit the vehicle quickly, if a driver loses balance when entering or exiting and slipping when transferring weight when entering and exiting.

Another function The Hartford describes when slip and falls typically happen is when handling freight. Drivers are vulnerable to body injuries and slip and fall accidents when loading and unloading heavy shipments.

The final function that The Hartford describes as being hazardous for workers is climbing and walking around trucks and loading areas.  These areas can have uneven or slippery ground that drivers are not familiar with that can become a hazard for drivers.

To help prevent drivers from becoming injured while completing their job functions, The Hartford suggests some of the following preventative measures to workers:

  • Drivers should observe the area around them to be aware of cracking floor and uneven surfaces.
  • Using protective attire and equipment such as gloves, non-slip shoes, protective clothing.
  • Utilizing handrails to ensure they will stay on their feet.
  • Using a cart to help load and unload shipments.

The Hartford offers valuable information to drivers utilizing loading areas.  Drivers must be aware of their surroundings and utilize proper safety equipment to stay safe and avoid incidents.

The Hartford. “Preventing Drive Slip and Falls.”

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