Egress Ramp Codes for Public Access

The definition of egress is a path or opening for coming in or going out, to “emerge”.   Egress ramps are used to enter or exit buildings and other areas.  In public buildings and public areas there are codes that must be followed for egress ramps.  According to the International Code Council, in section 1010 Ramps [B], 1010.2 Slope: “Ramps used as part of a means of egress shall have a running slope not steeper than one unit vertical in 12 units horizontal (8-percent slope). The slope of other pedestrian ramps shall not be steeper than one unit vertical in eight units horizontal (12.5-percent slope).

I also believe that slip resistance is important for egress ramps.  Plank decking is an excellent choice for egress ramps, plank decking comes in ADA compliant styles and has a coefficient of friction greater than or equal to 0.85.  The ADA requires 0.60 on walking surfaces and 0.80 on sloped surfaces (such as egress ramps).  Plank decking is lightweight, durable and holds a great amount of weight.

SLIPNOT manufactures plank decking that is fabricated to meet complex specifications and projects.  Available in punched, unpunched and ADA styles, SLIPNOT aluminum plank decking provides permanent safety for years to come.  In comparison mats, taped on products and paint on products that may wear and need replacement or constant maintenance.

Providing safe entrances and exits is mandatory to meet codes and ADA standards, SLIPNOT reduces liability and accidents.  SLIPNOT has been utilized for many public building entrances, from libraries and police stations to amusement parks and recreational areas.

International Code Council.

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