Stores Can Increase Fall Prevention for Winter Shoppers with Non-Slip Products

When the holiday season begins, stores across the country see store traffic increase with shoppers trying to get gifts at the best possible prices.  Black Friday shoppers line up days in advance to get some of the best deals on hot ticket items.  After holiday sales are beginning to increase in popularity as well.  Stores in wet and snowier climates must take extra precautions to protect these bargain hunters in the entranceways and exit’s of their stores to prevent slip and fall accidents in these high traffic areas.

Installing slip resistance grating and plate in entrances and exits can greatly reduce slip and falls accidents.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all metal slip resistant coating that can be applied to plate, grating and other metal substrates that can be used as floor mats.  SLIPNOT products retain slip resistance while coated with snow, ice and other moisture.  The high-traction surface can create safe walking conditions for store patrons who are transitioning from a slick outdoor walking surface to an interior one.

SLIPNOT products can be used for fall prevention in new construction of stores or retrofitted over existing slippery surfaces.  Stores looking for added safety measures can count on SLIPNOT non-slip products to keep patrons and workers on their feet in the busy and cold snowy winter months.

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