FDA Making Food Safer

For years we have been hearing about how drugs used in the production of animals have damaging effects on humans.  Organic products have become more and more in demand as consumers learn about what goes into the food they eat.  On Wednesday, December 11 the FDA announced that it is going to ask pharmaceutical companies to voluntarily stop labeling drugs used to fight human infection as acceptable drugs to use on animals.  The FDA is hoping that by eliminating certain antibiotics in animals the risk of humans developing antibiotic resistant infections will decrease.  According to the CDC this is a growing problem as more than 23,000 people a year are dying from antibiotic resistant infections.

According to an article in Food Manufacturing the companies will have three years to comply.  While this is a good start and the FDA should be commended on starting a movement on riding these additives to our food, it would make more sense to me if it was mandatory.  How will the public be informed of which companies are producing meat without these antibiotics?

While the safety of the food we eat is being questioned even more stringently as of the past few years, safety of the workers in food production facilities should not be questioned.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring products have been keeping food production lines and environments safe for decades.  With a high traction surface that is grit free there is never a worry about food being accidently contaminated.

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