How to Reduce Risks in Military Facilities

Military facilities such as dining operations, encounter numerous slip and falls from people carrying equipment, carrying food items, washing dishes and greasy surfaces causes by food preparation.  These falls result in injuries, increased costs and decreased readiness of the force.

Roughly 23% of workers either slip and fall or witness a co-worker slipping and falling during work activities.  This could be due to poor housekeeping, inadequate lighting, wet and greasy walking surfaces, or lack of mats and slip resistant flooring.  In order to reduce the amount of slip and falls, the military must implement a safety procedure or different flooring systems.  There are many different ways in which the military could reduce slip and falls accidents.  Selecting a high traction slip resistant floor system when building, expanding or remodeling facilities, selecting the correct cleaning/maintenance products and installing features like carpet runners and mats are a few of the ways slip and falls may be avoided.  Filling out slip and fall accident reports could also help military facilities look for trends in location, time of day and the type of slip and falls that occur.  These reports help determine if the incident was due to a wet and greasy floor or a trip hazards?  The military may also consider having NFSI Certified walkway auditors visit the facility to help point out slip and fall trends. Each facility should train employees about established safety procedures, cleaning operations and inspection procedures.  This should make employees more aware of potential hazards at their facility.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring may be a slip resistant flooring option for any military facility.  If it’s a dining facility, our non-slip stainless steel flooring would be the best fit.  It’s NSF registered, slip resistant, corrosion resistant and chemical resistant.  It has been utilized in numerous food processing facilities such as Kraft, Tyson Foods, Sara Lee and Nestle.

Hicks, James M. “Controlling the Risk of Slip and Fall Injuries”.  University of Wisconsin-Stout. May, 2010.

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