Food Grade Stainless Steel Provides Health and Safety to Schools

With many schools having started back up over the past couple of weeks, cafeteria style school lunches are being examined and revamped.  More whole grains and a wider selection of fruits and vegetables will be offered as part of the biggest update to federal school-feed guidelines in 15 years.  Students must choose at least one fruit or vegetable, flavored milk must be non-fat, trans-fats are being banned and a calorie and sodium limit is being set for school meals.

Healthy students are top priority for schools, healthy preparation and safe kitchens must be a priority as well.  Many commercial/school kitchens use food grade stainless steel preparation and work tables.  The 304 stainless steel counter tops offer high durability, corrosion resistance and easy sanitation.  Slippery flooring and efficient drainage for spills and clean up are also safety factors that cannot be ignored.  These safety risks can be solved by using slip resistant food grade stainless steel flooring products.  Drain covers, stair treads, floor plate and ladder rungs provided by SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring can be constructed from slip resistant stainless steel that is NSF registered.  Commercial kitchens such as Amy’s Kitchen have used anti-slip stainless steel in their kitchen and facilities.  Other non-slip products such as aluminum ladder rungs, and steel stair nosing have been used in schools keeping students and faculty safe.

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