Do Consumers Care about Food Safety?

With somewhat frequent food safety outbreaks and product recalls, US consumers are only slightly concerned about the safety of the food supply.  NPD, a marketing group out of Chicago, perform surveys and tracks the levels of concern about food safety issues.  Just this past year they found that 60% of Americans were only slightly concerned, %25 percent were extremely concerned and 15% were not concerned at all about food safety.

In an article entitled “How Concerned are Consumers about Food Safety” Darren Seifer of NPD states that consumers attitudes about a food recall are most often times based on the amount of news coverage and the severity of the outbreak (how many sickened or any deaths).  He said it takes a lot for people to change their eating habits even as food recalls are becoming more common place.

Food safety begins in the fields and plants where the food is grown and processed.  Food plants have stringent regulations on sanitation, equipment and safety procedures.  Sanitary products such as SLIPNOT stainless steel non slip products can be safely utilized and cleaned.  The slip resistant products are 100% free of grit.  Major food processors have been using SLIPNOT for decades, keeping their employees safe as well as meeting food safety regulations.

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