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The FSMA, Food Safety Modernization Act, has been in the work for years.  Right now you can give your opinion on the Proposed Rule about Focused Mitigation Strategies to Protect Food Against Intentional Adulteration.  This proposed rule is out for comment by the public until the end of March 2014.

An article on the Food Engineering Magazine website describes what this proposed rule is all about.

1.)    It allows the FDA to issue regulations that make rules for facilities that hold, process or manufacture food and makes them think about intentionally introduced hazards that could include acts of terrorism.

2.)    It requires that the FDA issue regulations to protect foods that have a very high risk of intentionally being contaminated and that would cause serious illness or death to humans or animals.

3.)    It makes the FDA issue minimum standards, based on science, for the safe production and harvesting of produce, it also requires the final rule to think about intentionally introduced hazards that could include acts of terrorism.

Making sure our food is safe from terrible acts of terrorism or even acts by disgruntle employees is extremely important.  To read more about this proposed rule visit the FDA site: www.fda.gov/Food/GuidanceRegulation/FSMA/ucm378628.htm.  Making sure your employees are safe from workplace hazards like slip and falls should be a priority as well.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring can help you find answers to workplace hazard questions and can provide you with high quality, long lasting non slip metal flooring options.

Labs, Wayne. “Out for Comment: FSMA on Food Defense.”  www.foodengineeringmag.com.  Feb 7, 2014. March 9, 2014.

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