Galvanizing Specs for Steel Plate and Grating

We have many customers asking for the galvanization specifications for steel plate and grating. It has been established that ten minutes would be the maximum amount of time that steel plates should be submerged in acid during the pickling process. There are many reasons we’ve established this time frame.

Faster pickling reduces the amount of time the surface/plate interface is in contact with the acid. It cuts down on the possibility of “Hot Spots” developing. Hot Spots develop within pickling tanks as the plates react with the acid.  When this occurs, plates in the center of the rack experience a higher temperature than the plates on the outer sides.  We have seen instances where the outer plates will galvanize beautifully while the inner plates experience surface degradation.

It is essential that acid not be allowed to destroy the interfaces, and plates should be rinsed as soon as possible to remove any residual acid from the surface. Your plates should have the least amount of acid exposure as possible. Extended acid exposure can result in damage to your steel plates.

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