GM’s I Care Program Improves Safety

In the September issue of Professional Safety Magazine, Carol Boraiko, Tom Beardsley and Eva Wright submitted an article entitled “Accident Investigations; One Element of an Effective Safety Culture.” The article discusses the I Care program that GM implemented into their manufacturing facilities in 2004. The I Care program holds management partially accountable for accident investigation. It thrives on the theory that by demonstrating personal commitment to employee safety, managers show those involved in an incident that management cares. It must be made clear that the employer cares about the safety and welfare of all employees. When workers realize that their employer cares about their safety and health, they develop a trust with supervisors and are actively conscious of how their actions affect their safety. (Boraiko, Beardsley, Wright, Professional Safety, Sept 2008).

One way that companies can show that they care about safety is by implementing visible safety products into the work place. SLIPNOT non-slip metal flooring products are a noticeable way to show employees that safety is important. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics slip and fall injuries are the 3rd largest cause of workplace injury. The slip resistant metal floor plate, grating, stair treads, ladder rungs, drain covers and other products stand out from other safety products by exceeding OSHA and ADA slip resistant standards and emphasis the importance of keeping workers on their feet.

Over the past 20 years GM has been using SLIPNOT non-slip steel floor plates, grating, stair treads, trench covers, ladder rungs and catwalks among others. SLIPNOT metal safety flooring products are extremely efficient in stopping slip and falls in the oily automotive plant environments. SLIPNOT products are a visible safety precaution that GM has included in their safety program.

Since implementing the I Care program in 2004 the Body Systems Business Unit at a GM facility has seen their injury rate decrease from 4.91 to 3.97 and their lost-workday rate decrease from .87-.61. Does your business have room for an “I Care” program and safety products that support it?

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