Grating Inlets for Gutter Flow

In order to select the correct style of grating for grate inlets there are several things to consider.  Important factors to consider are provided by the Department of Transportation of each state.  The Texas Department of Transportation published a manual, Hydraulic Design Manual, that has a section dedicated to gutter flow.  This manual provides information on correct procedures, examples and current policies.

Grate openings should be oriented parallel to the gutter flow in order to maximize hydraulic efficiency. Grate inlets are utilized for driveways, street intersections, and medians.  When grate inlets are specified, assure that the grate configuration and orientation are compatible with bicycle and wheelchair safety.  Consult with TxDOT’s (or your State’s) State Bicycle Coordinator and the Design Division for additional information.

As stated by the TxDOT Hydraulic Design Manual “Access to the storm drain system through a grate inlet is excellent in that, usually, the grate is removable.  On the other hand, maintenance of grate inlets can be a continuing problem during the life of the facility; their propensity to collect debris make grate inlets a constant object of maintenance attention.  As such debris accumulates, it obstructs the flow of surface water into the inlet.  A grate inlet also presents potential interference with bicycles and wheelchairs.   For this reason ADA (Americans with Disability Act) compliant grating should be used.

SLIPNOT offers ADA compliant grating for grate inlet applications in galvanized steel, aluminum and stainless steel for versatility and several environments.  ADA compliant style examples include 7-2, 7-4, 11-2 and 11-4.  These types of grating prevent large debris from becoming lodged in grates, as well as preventing bicycle wheels and wheelchairs from interference.

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