Green Building Plan

The state of California takes the “green movement” seriously.  Over 10 years ago they adopted a Sustainable Building Plan and allocated money to increase sustainable or green building construction throughout the state.  Green buildings are designed to use their resources efficiently.  They use recycled materials and environmentally sensitive materials in order to improve air quality and preserve the natural outside environment.

“By constructing the buildings with recycled-content materials, using energy and water efficiently and improving the indoor environment, green buildings operate less expensively while protecting worker health and improving employee productivity,” Waste Board Chairman Dan Eaton said.  Many other states and organizations including the US Department of Agriculture have also adopted Sustainable Building Plans over the past few years.  Using products that don’t deplete our natural resources is important.  Recycled materials used should include safety materials.  SLIPNOT slip resistant metal safety green products meet the recycled material requirement building green and help to earn points toward a green project.

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