Green Jobs on the Rise

With gas prices reaching soaring new heights, more and more people are turning to hybrid and electric vehicles to get them to and from the places they travel to most.  Car companies are responding to this growing demand by increasing production of their hybrid and electric vehicles in plants across the nation.  Ford recently announced that they are tripling production of electric vehicles which is in turn creating more green jobs in Michigan.

Ford is aiming to increase production of their electrified vehicles by over 100,000 units annually by 2013.  They are releasing the C-Max hybrid and Energi (the plug-in hybrid) in North America as the first Ford body styles offered only as plug-ins or hybrids.  The increase in production will lead to Ford adding about 220 new jobs, including 50 jobs in green engineering for working on hybrids, plug-in hybrids and full battery operated vehicles.

More and more companies are focusing on developing new technologies to help reduce waste and use existing energy sources in new ways.  Green jobs are being created every day to help put these new discoveries to use.  With the increase in production in the auto manufacturing sectors, we can only hope the economy will also increase and the gas prices begin to drop.

Also with an increase in production auto manufacturing plants may need to increase their safety measures.  Keeping workers safe should be a main priority.  Non-slip flooring keeps production lines slip free, workers safe and keeps the products rolling.  SLIPNOT manufactures slip resistant green flooring that is used in automotive manufacturing facilities.

Ford to Triple Electric Vehicle Production, Add Green Jobs


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