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The State of Michigan is serious about helping businesses make health and safety improvements.  MIOSHA has $500,000 in available funds that will be used for matching grants awarded to businesses needing new safety equipment.  According to the State of MI website the MIOSHA Safety and Health Improvement Program (MiSHIP) will award employers that qualify a dollar-for-dollar match (up to $5000) for projects that reduce injury and illness risks to their employees.

In order to qualify for a matching grant, businesses must fill out the application, have safety and health improvement recommendations acquired from a professionally administered safety and health site-specific hazard survey (in exception to a project for lifting equipment in residential care facilities, or fall protection equipment in residential facilities) and have quotes from vendors on specific types of equipment that will go towards the improvement projects found in the site-specific hazard survey.   Other requirements include:

1.)    Have 250 or less employees
2.)    Be under the jurisdiction of MIOSHA
3.)    Have the experience, know-how and commitment to bring the project to completion
4.)    Have the financial ability to match all of the grant money and cover all estimated project costs

The money must be used specifically towards the health and safety project and recommendations specified in the professionally administered survey.  If there are more companies that qualify than the funds allow the money will be granted on a first come first serve basis.

This seems like a great opportunity for MI companies to really take a look at what their facilities need in order to become a safer place for employees.  For more information on if your company can take advantage of this opportunity please visit this State of MI pdf link.

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