SLIPNOT Coats Slick Checkered Plates to Provide Safety

Non Slip Loading Ramps

SLIPNOT® was recently contacted by the owner of Fabrications Unlimited Inc. to find a durable, safe, and slip resistant solution for his customer.  His customer had loading ramps originally made of checkered plates that were slick.  The ramps were going to be used for produce terminals on Fort Street in Detroit, MI. The customer was not completely confident in the slip resistance of the checkered plates, they wanted to ensure slip resistance by adding SLIPNOT®.

Generally, SLIPNOT® prefers not to coat checkered plates, but coats smooth plate instead.  Checkered plate’s uneven surface can compromise slip resistance due to the shoe to surface contact ratio, considering the checkered plates only provide slip resistant surface on the raised portion of the checker pattern.  When SLIPNOT® coats smooth plate, it creates an even, unsurpassed 100% slip resistant surface that generates traction in every direction.

SLIPNOT® coated the slippery aluminum checkered plates with the SLIPNOT® steel surface and then painted them grey in order to meet the needs of the customer.  The customer supplied ramps were made of aluminum so they would be easily maneuverable and lightweight.  The SLIPNOT® surface will continually provide safety for workers and create a durable, slip resistant means of transportation.  The SLIPNOT® surface provides 100% non-slip surface coverage, unlike checkered plates.

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