Human Error Reduction

Human error is an inevitable part of life.  We make errors every day.  Reducing the amount of human error in the work place in order to prevent injury needs to be focused on continuously, especially as workers gain longevity and become more comfortable in the work place.  Tom Harvey spoke at Safety 2014 on how to reduce the frequency and severity of human error.  He provided these suggestions:

1.)    Use procedures
2.)    Question attitudes, complacency and confidence in workers
3.)    Self check before and during work task
4.)    Perform a job plan analysis
5.)    Make sure communication is effective
6.)    Look out for co-workers by peer checking
7.)    Coach workers with constructive feedback
8.)    Work on workers not allowing interruptions to forget their work task steps; place keeping.
9.)    Conduct job plan analysis
10.) Conduct after task reviews

While these things may seem like something that should happen naturally, placing special emphasis on them may lead to less errors and safer employees.

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