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Can worker personality affect plant safety, productivity and quality?  Yes it can, says a research company in Canada; despite extensive training, proper tools and a good safety program 90% of workplace safety accidents are caused by human error.  A blog on discusses how this company has found five personality traits that an individual can and should be tested on.  If that individual’s score is within the “high risk” range they could possibly be a threat to their own safety and others safety in a work place environment.  These five personality traits are: anxiousness, resistance, irritability, impulsiveness and distractibility.

The company, TalentClick, has developed web based personality tests that can help employers determine wither or not a potential employee displays any of these traits.  This could have a huge impact on the hiring processes!  The tests can also help current management and employees become aware of the high risk personalities that are currently employed and can help train and coach them to lower these risks.  According to the blog, Steven Race, the head of research at TalentClick, says that once employees are made aware that they possess these high risk traits they become more aware and catch themselves making risky choices.  He says that because human impulse is often based on an individual’s personality, awareness and training can help lead to a safer more productive work environment.

Keeping workers safe from slip and fall accidents can be made possible by the use of highly durable products such as SLIPNOT metal flooring products.  These products are reliable and can be implemented into almost any environment.  Keeping workers safe from themselves and each other could be made easier with personality tests.  For more information on TalentClick visit their website.

Lally, Siobhan. “Personality Assessment Gives Employers Tool to Identify High-Risk Workers.” January 15, 2014.  January 28, 2014.

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