Industrial Grating; How to Choose?

There are many types of industrial grating that claim to be slip resistant, durable and long lasting, but only one stands out and proves to stand up in all conditions.

Fiberglass Industrial Grating: Commonly used for industrial and commercial applications, both interior and exterior settings. Fiberglass industrial grating contains chemical resistant properties that can degrade under ultraviolet light, release toxic gases when burned and cannot match the wear-ability of metal bar grating. Fiberglass industrial grating requires additional steps when fabricating as well, unlike smooth bar industrial grating. Although this industrial grating may initially be more cost efficient, over time the surface wears, splinters and requires frequent replacement.

Serrated Industrial Grating: An all-metal industrial strength grating with the notches cut out of the bearing bars and / or cross bars. Serrated grating instantly creates a slip resistant walking surface, but with time will wear smooth and unevenly causing unsafe conditions and requires replacement.

Smooth Bar Industrial Grating: This industrial grating has an extensive variety of bar spacings, styles and options available, but no slip resistant qualities. Smooth bar grating alone is extremely slippery when wet or immersed in liquids, but there is a permanent solution that will provide durability, slip resistance and safety in all directions when SLIPNOT® is adhered to the industrial grating. Molten metal permanently adhered to the smooth industrial grating in a random hatch matrix pattern instantly transforms the ordinary smooth bar industrial grating into extraordinarily safe and slip resistant industrial grating. SLIPNOT® industrial grating is a onetime fix and will not require replacement.

In my opinion, there is a clear winner as to which type of industrial grating should be chosen. If durability, safety and minimal maintenance are desired, SLIPNOT® industrial grating is the obvious solution.

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