Injury Illness Rate Decline

According to the latest report put out by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics the number of workplace injuries and illnesses in the private sector are on the decline.  The report dated December 4, 2014 stated that a little more than 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in 2013 and that continues an 11 year trend (with the exception of 2012) of steadily decreasing numbers.  Unfortunately 3 million reported injuries and illnesses is still a massive number of people hurt or sick.  However the good news with this number is that even though we are in a state of economic growth these numbers are still decreasing.  The downward trend is encouraging news to health and safety professionals nationwide.

An article on quotes Dr. David Michaels, assistant secretary of labor for occupational safety and health that these decreased numbers are “a product of tireless work by those employers, unions, worker advocates and occupational safety and health professionals all coupled with the efforts of federal and state government organizations that make worker safety and health a high priority each and every day.”

Other statistics of the report:

  • Injuries accounted for more than 2.9 of the 3 million reported injuries and illnesses. Among those 2.9 million 75.5% were in service providing industries and 24.5% were in goods producing industries.
  • Over half of the 3 million reported injuries and illnesses were considered more serious. These cases include cases that involve restrictions being placed on workers, job transfers or time away from work.
  • The industries that saw the most significant decline in numbers were manufacturing, retail trade, and utility. Other private industry sectors remained without significant rate changes.
  • The injury and illness rate among state and local government workers also declined.

For the full report please visit the Bureau of Labor and Statistic’s website.  Let’s hope with continued education, training, hard work and quality safety products these numbers will continue to decline.

Smith, Sandy.   “3 Million Private-Sector Workers Suffered Workplace Injuries or Illnesses in 2013.” December 8, 2014.  January 19, 2015.

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