Injury Prevention in the Workplace

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, a company that manufactures general engineering plastics and a product called Flourosint for compression molding, has reached three years without a recordable injury.  This is a major milestone and should be recognized for any company.  Injury prevention and a strong focus on safety have helped this company reach this major goal.

The team has daily safety meetings, onsite safety reviews, regular training, monthly committee meetings lead by employees and keeps all procedures updated.  The employees abide by internal procedures and provide peer reviews.  “Understanding what the hazards are, anticipating what can happen, and taking the appropriate steps to control the hazards” states the plant manager keeps safety as the core of everything they do and helps prevent injuries.

This company takes safety and injury prevention seriously, and their diligence has paid off.  Because this prevention plan is employee driven, no one wants to be the one to end it and they all continue to be mindful of their actions at a very high level.  If preventing injuries and safety is a goal you would like to achieve, this company would be a good example.

One way to help prevent slip and fall injuries would be by installing non-slip flooring.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring has a variety of metal safety products that can help keep your company injury free.

“Quadrant Facility Achieves Three Years Injury Free.” <>

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