Ladder Rung Safety Checklists

When developing a safety plan or objective, checklists are an important component to staying organized and analyzing a situation.  In order to keep a job site safe, materials and tools must be checked multiple times throughout the course of a project to avoid accidents.  One of the most frequently employed tools on a construction site is a ladder.  The main component of a ladder is the ladder rungs.  Ladder rungs must be properly maintained to ensure safety during use.  Due to constant climbing up and down these ladder rungs, wear and tear can happen.  Checklists are essential in keeping track of all of the simple but potentially dangerous details of ladder rungs.

In preparation to climbing a ladder, utilizing a safety checklist to review any possible defect is a recommended procedure.  Surface defects of ladder rungs include cracks, dents, chips and awkward bends.  Applying a slip resistant durable coating to ladder rungs can greatly reduce slips, falls, and these common surface defects.  Physical defects to check for include missing or loose ladder rungs, among others.

The placement and use of ladder rungs is also an imperative factor to consider when trying to eliminate one of the leading causes of injuries and fatalities in the workplace.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 100,000 workers are injured and 300 die every year from ladder falls.  It is critical to make sure the area around the ladder is clear of clutter and ladders are set up on a firm solid surface.  Straight ladders are set up so the top extends at least 3 feet above the support point and are one foot from the wall for every four inches of ladder.

If you would like to create a checklist to incorporate into your safety plan please visit the websites listed below.  These websites give more in depth information and details into ladder rung safety.

For more tips and statistics, please Construction Safety Training or NCSU

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