Metal Floor Grates Uses

Metal floor grates are a versatile material that may be used for a broad assortment of applications.  Floor grates can be used for sidewalk grates, drains, stairs, platforms, trench covers and many others.  Different alloys are used in distinctive environments.

Aluminum metal floor grates are often used for wastewater treatment or marine applications.  The lightweight properties of aluminum make it ideal for maneuvering around small confined places, such as a wastewater treatment plant.  Aluminum floor grates are also used for marine applications such as floating docks, ship stairs and many others.

Steel metal floor grates are utilized in heavy-duty applications where strength and the coarsest finish possible is a necessity.  Examples include oily, harsh environments such as steel mills and automotive / manufacturing plants.

Stainless steel metal floor grates are ideal for the food industry due to the fact stainless steel is corrosion and chemical resistant.  It is a sanitary option for food processors and will also withstand caustic chemical used for cleaning.

SLIPNOT® metal floor grates are an advanced technology that is superior to traditional products.  SLIPNOT® is a grit free surface, so it will not flake off and affect the end product or expensive machinery like products.  SLIPNOT® metal floor grates are a permanent solution that last for years, in comparison to months, like taped or painted on products.  SLIPNOT® metal floor grates are a smooth bar grating that is coated with the SLIPNOT® surface so the grates will not wear unevenly or become smooth over time.  SLIPNOT® is also non toxic and fume free, in comparison to fiberglass options.

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