How a Metal Grid Pattern is used in Flooring Applications?

According to, a metal grid is described as a “framework of crisscrossed or parallel bars; a grating or mesh.”  The metal grid pattern when used for metal flooring applications provides an open, yet secure solution for a variety of industries including food processing, metals and mining, oil and gas, military and steel mills, among others.  When a non-slip coating is applied, the metal grid provides a non-slip surface that will help keep employees and pedestrians on their feet.  Non-slip metal grid is offered in aluminum, steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel.  The open surface of the slip resistant metal grid plate allows for the drainage of slippery chemicals and other elements, but the grid spaces are close enough together to ensure secure foot to surface traction.

Another term for metal grid is expanded metal plate.  Expanded metal is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “sheet metal that has been cut into parallel, attached strips and stretched into a latticelike form; used to reinforce concrete, as for plastering, lath, etc.”  This type of metal grid can be flattened creating flattened expanded metal.  Flattening this flooring will eliminate the uneven surface, making it ideal for flooring applications.  Slip resistant flattened expanded metal, or metal grid, is easily retrofitted over existing slippery flooring creating an instantly safe walking and working surface.

When your next flooring application requires a sturdy, yet open surface for new or retrofit projects, consider non- slip metal grid plate.

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