How Sheet Metal Workers Stay Safe in a Hazardous Environment

According to an article entitled “Sheet Metal Worker Safety” on the State Compensation Insurance Fund California website, metal industry workers should know that: “Standing, climbing, bending and squatting may be required for long periods.  Keep your work close to you and rotate your tasks as much as possible to avoid fatigue.”  Continuous movement is one way to keep workers steady on their feet, but another thing that should be considered is the floor surface itself.  In my opinion, metal safety could be incorporated by using a flexible metal flooring method, such as non-slip perforated plate.

Advantages of using slip resistant perforated plate include:

  • The features of metal grating, which allows air and slippery substances to pass through
  • The sturdy and durable features of metal safety plate, which gives workers a solid surface to walk on
  • The flexibility to keep workers comfortable when standing in one place for long periods of time

The State Compensation Insurance Fund of California continues by stating that “duct, pipe and tube installation as well as roofing, siding and gutter work can all require work at heights.  Examine each job task and site to determine the safest access method such as ladder, scaffold or scissors lift, and if fall protection is needed.” In continuation for the above stated method, metal safety precautions should be taken.  If sheet metal workers are required to use a ladder, a non-slip metal safety ladder should be utilized to ensure a secure grip (both hand and foot) for workers to perform their job safely and successfully.

Regardless of the job site or project, metal safety is vital to ensure that workers can perform their daily tasks without concern for a slip and fall injury, thus eliminating the need to file worker’s compensation.  Metal safety methods provide employers and their staff with the reassurance needed, even in the harshest of environments.

State Compensation Insurance Fund of California. “Sheet Metal Worker Safety.”

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