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Metal steps range in shapes, materials, and applications.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures slip resistant metal steps that can be customized to almost any industrial or commercial application.  Metals steps are available in many different materials ranging from grating and plate to perforated plate or flattened expanded metal.  All SLIPNOT slip resistant metal steps are available in aluminum, stainless steel or steel substrates.

Metal steps have been used in food processing facilities to provide a safe access way to machinery and conveyor lines, commercial applications such as The Highline in New York City for several stair entrances to the park and stairways and landing at both college and NFL stadiums nationwide among many other applications that required slip resistant metal steps.

Slip resistant metal steps provide permanent durability and longevity for any slick stairwell.  Metal steps can withstand more weight, maintain the slip resistant qualities and provide a safe solution for any stairwell.  Metal steps cannot deteriorate, crack or crumble like simple concrete steps.  With all of the material options for the metals steps, SLIPNOT can provide a guaranteed slip resistant solution for either newly constructed or existing stairways.

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