Mobile Ladder Platforms and OSHA

Mobile ladder platforms are used in many industries as a way to access equipment and do general maintenance.  The Food Processing industry is no different.  High crossovers, large equipment, tall ceilings and large storage containers all require access.  Using a mobile platform is an efficient way to access these areas.  OSHA has standards when it comes to these mobile ladders and platforms in order to keep workers safe.  A few of the standards are listed below (for a full list see OSHA 1910.29):

1.)    The supporting structure for the work level shall be rigidly braced using adequate cross bracing or diagonal bracing with ridgid platforms at each level.
2.)    The steps of the ladder stands shall be fabricated from slip resistant treads.
3.)    All work levels 10’ or higher shall have a guard rail.
4.)    Landing platforms shall be provided at intervals not to exceed 30’.
5.)    The design working load of ladder stands shall be calculated on the basis of one or more 200-pound persons together with 50 pounds of equipment each.
6.)    Wheels or casters shall be properly designed for strength and dimensions to support four (4) times the design working load.

These standards are examples of how mobile ladder platforms need to be examined from top to bottom for specific safety hazards.  Making sure that the ladder rungs and platforms are made of a non slip product designed for longevity keeps users safe and creates confident climbers.  SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring provides slip resistant ladder rungs, rung covers and plate that meet and exceed OSHA recommendations for slip resistance.  Constructed from steel, stainless steel or aluminum, these products create a safe climbing experience for users of mobile ladders.  When constructed from NSF registered non slip stainless steel, mobile ladder platforms can be washed down to meet hygienic standards of the food plant.

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