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We’ve all been there, rushing from task to task, starting something new before finishing something current, ending a work day in a flurry of half finished tasks and high stress levels.  Multitasking at its best, or shall we say worst.  An article entitled “3 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness in a Multitasking Workplace” states that “multitasking depresses the brain’s memory and analytical function.”   Not only is multitasking bad for your brain but it could also affect your physical safety.  Not focusing on where you are walking or driving because you are too busy trying to plan what you should be doing next or emailing/texting at the same time as doing other tasks can have horrible consequences.  By practicing this articles suggestions not only will your brain benefit but also it may help increase your safety.

  • Focus on a single task for an allotted amount of time: Instead of trying to do 5 tasks at a time, set a certain time limit on your tasks. For example read/answer emails for 20 mins, review and fill out reports for a few hours at a time, splitting up each task.  Instead of dropping everything every time someone asks you to start something new give them a time limit if possible so that you can finish what you are doing before going to help.
  • Change your physical environment when you get “stuck” in a task: Have you ever had “writer’s block”?  You can’t seem to finish a report or complete a task that you have been working on for a long period of time?  Your mind is blank!  The article suggests getting up and moving around, taking a walk or turning on some relaxing music.  This change should help your brain rewire for relaxation and may open up your creative juices again.
  • Delegate tasks: Ask for help, it’s hard to do when you want to do it all the way you want it to be done!  If there are jobs that another person can successfully do, delegate those jobs so you can focus on tasks that need you specifically.  This will help your stress level decrease and may also give another employee a confidence boost!

Using these techniques in the work place should help decrease your stress as well as make you more mindful to what’s going on around you.  SLIPNOT safety products help take the stress out of keeping employees safe in slippery situations.  High quality metal flooring products have been proven to last decades and can be fabricated to fit almost any work environment.  Mindfulness in the workplace and at home can benefit everyone.

Smith, Sandy. “3 Tips for Practicing Mindfulness in a Multitasking Workplace.” April 11, 2015. May 27, 2015.

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