June is National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month.  National Safety Month is the month in which the National Safety Council (NSC) works to educate and influence the public on behaviors that cause preventable injuries and deaths.  According to the NSC website each week has a specific focus.  The website provides information, posters, and quizzes surrounding each theme.

1.)    Week one focuses on employee wellness and offers a Presidential Active Lifestyle Award.   Seeing that at least 40% of cancer and 80% of heart disease and stroke and type 2 diabetes can be prevented, the NSC encourages people to eat well, exercise and make good life choices.

2.)    Week two discusses workplace ergonomics.  It focuses on how workplace design and smart working conditions keep people from dangerous situations.

3.)    Week three focuses on preventing slips, trips and falls.  Reducing risk factors that cause these accidents is important in keeping the public safe.

4.)    Week four discusses safe driving practices.  Many factors influence safe driving.  Cell phones, safety belts, distractions, road rage and impaired driving all make driving one of the most dangerous activities we do each day.  Week four offers access to the Alive at 25 Parent Program.  A program aimed to keep teens safe while driving.

The NSC website is also a great resource for summer safety tips on subjects such as: canoes, inline skating, playground safety, sun and heat exposure, and firework safety.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring is a member of the NSC and provides slip resistant products in commercial and industrial applications.  For more information on these high traction safety products email SLIPNOT at info@slipnot.com.

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