Non-Fatal Injuries on the Rise in Healthcare Facilities

Workers in hospital, nursing home and other healthcare settings have seen non-fatal injuries increase over the last year.  The incidence rate is 283 cases per 10,000 full time workers or 6%, which is more than double the rate for all private and public sector workers.  Injuries and illness are caused by various factors, from blood borne pathogens and airborne diseases to slips, trips and falls.  OSHA is planning on creating a program that puts emphasis on inspecting these facilities to help decrease exposure to harmful situations.

Installing slip resistant products can also help cut back on slips, trips and falls in healthcare facilities.  Installing high traction, non-slip plates in slick areas can keep these workers on their feet and create a safer walking surface for anyone who comes into contact with the surface.  Ladder rungs and covers can also prevent falls for anyone who accesses maintenance areas.

SLIPNOT Metal Safety Flooring manufactures an all-metal, slip resistant surface that is applied to metal substrates to help prevent slips, trips and falls in any setting.  Plate, grate, ladder rungs and covers are just some of the many non-slip products manufactured that can be used for a wide variety of applications in the healthcare industry, as well as many other industries.  The surface lasts longer than many other taped on or painted on surfaces and will not chip off or flake off.

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