Non-Slip Subway Grating

Subway grating is used as a ventilation system for cities across North America. Also known as ventilation shafts, these were produced the same year the first subway was created in 1904.  There are several reasons why subway systems require grating. The first and foremost being heat and humidity ventilation, as a lot of heat comes from train brakes and the trains themselves.  The second being emergency situations such as fire (the ventilation allows smoke to escape) or if a train become stranded and passengers are forced to evacuate (cool, fresh air must be in the tunnel).   Another reason for subway grating is pressure relief, trains move at high speeds and generate a “piston effect” which is when air is trapped in a shaft and forced through by a moving object.  Ventilation allows air to escape and prevent s or reduces pressure.

SLIPNOT manufactures stainless steel grating that prevents rust, corrosion and requires little maintenance.  Slip resistance is vital to walking surfaces that pedestrians encounter.  Slips and falls can cost cities and companies billions of dollars; using preventative measure reduces liability.  Using SLIPNOT ADA style stainless steel subway grating can save money as well as protect pedestrians.  ADA compliant grating is vital to these applications in order to prevent serious injury to women in heels or pedestrians in wheelchairs.  The ADA specifies that walking surfaces should have a coefficient of friction that is greater than or equal to 0.85.

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